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United through Love,

We are One.

Unity Center of Tulsa logo

United through Love,

We are One.

If you are seeking a progressive, spiritual community free of dogma, then you may have found your spiritual home.

Located south of downtown Tulsa, the Unity Center of Tulsa transcends traditional religion, teaching leading edge spiritual concepts commonly advanced by authors such as Charles Fillmore, Emily Cady, Eric Butterworth, Paul Hasselbeck, and others.

Our Core Values


Centered in Christ consciousness, our inner tranquility shines forth to the world.


Recognizing that the Universe is Divine Love, we practice heart-centered living as individualized expressions of God.


Acknowledging that we are co-creators with Source, we nurture and embrace both personal and communal conscious evolution.


Committed to the acceptance & mutual support of other like-minded spiritual seekers, we extend our time, talent, & treasure to Tulsa.


Realizing every experience & relationship is an opportunity for learning & growth, we embrace each individual as a child of God.


Endorsing our 4th principle, we believe in the power of prayer which is where spirit meets language.


Consciously connecting with our higher self and innate divinity, we listed to the guidance and wisdom to live our life.

Unity Center of Tulsa is an open and accepting spiritual community for multi-generational diverse individuals with open minds and hearts. We use affirmative prayer, meditation, education, and practices to empower people of all faiths to apply spiritual principles in their everyday lives.

Our Sunday Service is held at 11 AM.  The service includes music, meditation, and an inspirational talk by our Minister, Licensed Unity Teachers or a guest speaker.

We also offer activities to enhance personal spiritual development such as study groups, classes, workshops, events, meditation sessions, nature walks and community improvement activities.

We support youth, teens and families of Tulsa and look for ways to connect beyond Sunday Service. As a community, we are so diverse and colorful in our daily lives and the only thing that separates us is our internal story of why we are different.

Join us as we work together to create support systems, have fun, share meals, movies, outings and help to provide a representation of true, inclusive community with all ages.

Sunday Mornings at 11am.

All are welcome to our Spiritual Center, regardless of age, race, religious background, sexual orientation, gender identity, or political beliefs. God, by any name and Unity, leaves no one out. United through Love, We are One.

The power of prayer is the bedrock our beliefs. Our Licensed Unity Teachers and prayer chaplains are available to support you in prayer while at Sunday service.

In addition, we have prayer intention slips next to the prayer box located at the north side of the of the sanctuary. Once a prayer intention is made and placed in the prayer box, our prayer team will pray over them for seven days. They are then sent to Silent Unity Prayer Ministry where they will be prayed over for another 30 days

Join us this Sunday

19th & Boston
Located south of downtown Tulsa, Unity Center of Tulsa’s weekly service features music, meditation, and traditional speakers.

Sunday Service: 11am
(Kid-Zone for kids!)

Address: 1830 S Boston Ave, Tulsa
Parking available off of Boston Ave

Front entry of The Unity Center of Tulsa. A brick and stone two story building with double entry red doors, a three story multi-colored stained glass art piece, and Memorial Garden are on the side of the building.

Upcoming Events

Sunday, July 14 @ 11am 

Arlese Bradley, LUT

Sunday, July 21 @ 11am 

Rev. Jeff Staton

Sunday, July 28 @ 11am 

Shelly Wilson 

Workshop “Energy Awareness” @ 1pm


Every Tuesday at 6:30pm

“A Course in Miracles”
In person at the church  


Every Wednesday at Noon

Book Study with Geoff on Zoom


Every Wednesday at 6pm

Meditation with Connie on Zoom


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