A New Year and Junk Removal

by | Jan 5, 2020


            You have seen these signs on the side of the road: JUNK REMOVAL– Call (918) XXX-XXXX.

            I remember this sign from my days of living in Virginia: MR. PAUL WILL HAUL IT ALL– CALL (703) YYY-YYYY.

            At times I have wanted call the junk removal guys and say, “I have this character defect, foible, and unproductive thought. Would you please come and haul this garbage away.”

            Would that it were just that easy. Recently somebody came up to me and said, “You know Rick, there was a time when I could keep my New Year’s resolutions until at least Valentines Day. Now I can’t even make it until the end of January.”

            But there is a way to make real progress on many of the things that no longer serve us. Unity co-founder, Charles Fillmore wrote about the 12 Powers that we all have. Among these powers is Love, Faith, Wisdom, Strength, etc. However, probably the least mentioned of these 12 Powers is the power of Elimination.

            When my 5 year old daughter, Therese, was in diapers, she sometimes was disappointed with herself because I had to change her wet diapers. I talked to Therese about the 12 Powers– including the power of Elimination. It might be the first power she remembers when she grows up. I said it would be a serious problem for her if her body could not eliminate that which is no longer needed.

            With some character defects, foibles, and unproductive thoughts it might take time to make a real dent in them. But it is possible. To accomplish this, I would suggest the following:

–Read Charles Fillmore on the 12 Powers– including the. Power of Elimination.

–Ask Spirit for the realization that these 12 Powers do, in fact, exist in you. It is NOT the case that these powers exist in everybody else but not in you. You are NOT a terminally unique case of failure!

–No matter how high the mountain, see climbing the mountain as the result of many small steps. Gandhi would ask for a very large loaf of bread in his social campaigns. He realized. that he would at best only get one-tenth of what he asked for. He would take the one-tenth, say thank you, and then he would get right back out and work for– demand– the other nine-tenths of the loaf.

–Be patient with yourself– God is very patient with us– and celebrate your small victories.

            Let me give a case in point. Fear was a very big part of my life. I wish I could tell you that I am now fearless. But after many small victories, I can currently say that fear is vastly diminished in my life. I still can have fear of the future, but the “still, small voice” inside of me says, “Be patient, and you will see more victories in this key area of your life.”

            2020 is of course perfect vision. I am glad to move in the direction of improved vision. May your vision improve in many ways in 2020.

Many blessings,