Escape from Pandemica

by | Apr 20, 2020

For many years I have loved a public radio show called Hearts of Space. It was founded by Stephen Hill (with Anna Turner) back in 1973.

            Hearts of Space started out on KPFA in Berkeley, California as a late-night show dedicated to New Age– or as Hill likes to call it “ambient”– music. It was syndicated and picked up by many public radio stations around the country. It now has its own website and app, and for a very reasonable fee one can listen to incredible electronic, atmospheric, nature, and space music 24/7. It is very contemplative and spiritual.

            Hill started out as a architectural student, but he moved in to creating musical environments and architecture. A typical Hearts of Space show starts out with soft music and Hill setting the mood and theme for the weekly show. Then Hill becomes silent, and an hour’s worth of incredible sounds follow.

            This week’s show was called: Escape From Pandemica. It started out with dark tones, and then Hill did the following voiceover:

            “It’s a scenario straight out of dystopian fiction: attacked by a killer microbe, disrupted by changing climate, challenged by economic dysfunction and social inequity, locked down, isolated and afraid– inhabitants of a beleaguered planet leave earth and seek solace in virtual cosmic travel. Who can blame them?”

            Hill goes on to say, “In this transmission of Hearts of Space…we leave earthbound troubles behind for a moment…on a program called Escape From Pandemica.”

Well, as much as I love the music on Hearts of Space, I would suggest that we go elsewhere for our spiritual directions in dealing with the pandemic and repeated challenges. Unity World Headquarters has recently published a great booklet called 30 Days To Fearless Living. It is filled with good ideas from past and present Unity thinkers. This booklet is free, and you can get a copy of it by going to

            Let me give you an example of the wisdom you will find in this booklet. Rev. Jim Rosemergy, a wonderful long-time leader in the Unity movement, suggests that the very thing you do NOT want to do is seek to escape from Pandemica! Rev. Jim says that spiritual growth comes from when we can face our fears– not try to avoid them.

            Rev. Jim says, “I don’t know a single human who has not experienced fear. However, I do know people who have not allowed fear to dominate their lives…When we willingly enter into our fears, they lose their power, and the power that God is rises up to say: ‘Fear not, I am with you. We have a work to do together.'”

            Rev. Jim knows what he is talking about. He was a Navy pilot during the Vietnam War. As the Good Book says, “With God all things are possible.” There is not a better time to apply spiritual principles than during a pandemic–or in the middle of a war.

            As many of you know, I was adopted into a Jewish home when I was six months old. I asked my father, who served in World War II, if he had thought what he would do if we had lost to Hitler? My dad responded, “Rickey, I never seriously thought we would lose the war.”

            That is faith…Faith to see above today’s headlines…That is the faith that Rev. Jim is talking about.. Faith to know that the solution is not to seek escape from the pandemica. The solution is to be spiritually centered going through it, and to be of love and service.This is possible when we realize that the divine spark is inside of us, and that divine spark is our real essence and power.

Many blessings!