How to make a decision: Advice from Eric Butterworth

by | Jan 10, 2020

Have you ever had difficulties in making a decision? You felt a great deal of strain in making a choice. You could not take a fork in the road without worry and tension. Also, even after you made a decision, you kept on having “buyers remorse,” and you kept on second-guessing yourself.
     I have had the blessing of working with Rev. Robert Brumet every month on something called spiritual direction. Rev. Robert is a well-known author of such great Unity classics as Finding Yourself in Transition. Many believe that Rev. Robert is like the Yoda of the Unity movement. At Unity Institute and Seminary I had Rev. Robert as a professor for several different classes– including pastoral counseling. He was fantastic.
     Spiritual direction goes beyond looking at a specific problem such as finances, your love life, career, etc. Spiritual direction looks at what you can do to develop a deeper relationship with God, your Higher Power, Higher Self, Spirit (call it what you will). What is blocking you from going deeper with God?
     I was sharing with Rev. Robert the trials and tribulations I was feeling about a decision in my life, and he suggested that I look at an old article by that great Unity teacher, Eric Butterworth. I could not find this article online, so I called up the archives at Unity Village. An excellent researcher at Unity Village did not find the article, but she did find the actual notes that Eric Butterworth had written out for the Sunday message he delivered on July 11, 1971.
     Eric Butterworth’s advice was priceless and included the following:
  • –It is often fear that blocks us from making a decision, but our indecision will only create more fear in our lives.
  • –However, there is “that in you that knows.” We all have had a hunch, an intuitive flash. As the song says, “It is in every one of us to be wise.” Trust this wisdom that is within you.
     “WE CANNOT MAKE A WRONG CHOICE OR A BAD DECISION” (Eric has this all in CAPS!) He went on to say, “No matter what direction we move, we are impelled by our consciousness and protected by Creative Intention. Thus any direction we move will lead us to our good– simply because a negative result will produce the growing experiences that will enable us to overcome the kind of consciousness that made the choice.” This will produce a growing experience that will enable us to overcome the kind of consciousness that made the choice. Thus, this will move us on to a higher consciousness through which right steps will be taken. Eric says that the “wrong choice was right for us at that time.”
     When we realize the above we will realize that we cannot make a wrong choice, and there are many different paths to spiritual enlightenment.
  • So Eric suggests that we: First, get the facts. Second, affirm that we can’t make a wrong decision. Third, list the pros and cons in the situation. Fourth, affirm that God knows– and you know– the path to take even if not consciously. Fifth, pray and turn it over to God. Sixth, set a deadline when the decision will be made. And lastly, “at the appointed hour, act as if the decision is already made.”
  • Eric suggests that we do not pray for God to guide us specifically. “But pray for clearer realization of oneness with Infinite Mind,” he says.
     Let me know if you have tried the above and if Eric’s advice works for you. I have found it to be very helpful.
Many blessings,