The Dorothy Maffett Meditation garden

In 1992 the Dorothy Maffett Foundation was created to honor this dear friend and former member of Unity Center. Its first order of business was to create and present Unity Center a gift of the Dorothy Maffett Meditation Garden to be built in an often neglected space behind the decorative wall on the west side of the church building. A place where people would come to visit or pause to relax, refresh and renew, day or night, to meditate and reflect on the goodness and beauty of God.

In October 1992 the garden was completed. An 8’ x 38’ formal garden with a winding walk-way, a ramp leading from the steps of the church into the garden, benches and chairs for seating, a fountain, new lighting for the Tower of Light stained glass tower, shrubs, trees, flowering plants, and large urns. Cardinals, Dorothy’s favorite bird, decorate the iron ivy-covered windows and there is soft meditation music 24 hours a day. The Maffett Foundation continues to maintain the garden at no cost to the church.

In December 1994, Unity Center and The Dorothy Maffett Foundation was honored with a full-page photograph of the Dorothy Maffett Meditation Garden on the cover of CONTACT, the monthly publication of The Association of Unity Churches. Cheryl Vestal, Managing Editor of CONTACT wrote, “It is always wonderful to hear of the good work being done in the field — and even better to share it with the field!”

We have received many cards, letters, and telephone calls over the years from within our church and outside our church expressing the joy they have found in the meditation garden. Here are a few quotes we have received:


“The beauty and peace of our meditation garden bless many people here at our church and many who are passing in the night! Who knows the comfort it brings to those who pause in their travels? “
“The meditation garden adds such beauty and sacredness to what we offer. Its loveliness appeals to all our senses, creating a whole and holy experience of God.”