The reason for the season

by | Dec 16, 2019

There are some traditional preachers that I get a great deal from. Yes, I do translate some of the specific words that they are saying into metaphysical principles. But I still find their sermons and writings often help me on my spiritual path.

            One of these more traditional preachers is Max Lucado, who is the minister of Oak Hills Church of Christ in San Antonio. Rev. Max writes, “Occasionally you need a reminder– Not a sermon; just a reminder.”

            I needed just such a “reminder” recently. Our internet connection in the Belous household died. Our internet provider gave us new equipment, but we couldn’t get it to connect to the world wide web. On top of that I faced a second internet-related challenge. For some reason, my main email address stopped working. I couldn’t get my main email address to work even when I was at church, where the wifi works just fine!

            I started to go into panic mode. This is the worst time of year for this to happen given all of the Christmas season preparations, etc. I also wanted to make some end-of-the-year financial transactions, and this was going out- the-window given my internet “failures.”

            I could feel myself falling down into that rabbit hole of fear and negativity. This is not where you want to be during the Christmas season– or any season. But then that “still, small voice” said to me: “Rick you haven’t prayed and meditated about this. You have not done any affirmations and denials. Why not try this stuff first before you turn this Christmas season into a hell.”

            I also remembered several things Rev Max suggested, and I did the following:

  • Max suggests that we see God in the so-called small stuff in our lives. He adds that we should see God active in our lives and concerned about all that we face. I reminded myself of this.
  • I also reminded myself of what the so-called “problem” was all about. This was not like a child of mine had been abducted at gunpoint or a doctor had just given me a prediction that I had only 30 days to live. The irony is that if something really big had happened, I might have been quicker to turn to Spirit. But I think Rev. Max is right: Don’t forget to turn to God– and forget to turn things over to God– when they might be relatively small.
  • Max points out that “if you’re not sure what to do, allow God to take the lead. We just need to trust,” he adds.
  • “God’s power is very great for those who believe,” he says. I centered in this realization, and I reminded myself of the many times I have experienced this in my life and in the lives of others.

            I wish I could tell you that I did this and the internet in the Belous household started working and my email address started to function. This has not happened yet. But the more important change is that I now feel peace about the situation and a sense that all is fundamentally well (as we say in The Prayer For Protection). I even feel some gratitude for this Christmas reminder.

            I also reminded myself that there was no wifi connection in the stable that first Christmas night– and they got along just fine!


Many blessings,