The White Stone

by | Dec 26, 2019

Remember a few years ago Heinz Ketchup ran its “Anticipation” TV ad series?

            On one of these advertisements two kids both had cheeseburgers. The first freckled face boy was holding a bottle of Heinz Ketchup over his burger, and nothing was coming out.

            The second boy, who was missing a tooth, said, “Boy, why are you taking so long?” And the first child grinned into the camera and said, “It’s Heinz!” An announcer then made a voice-over about the “slow” joys of Heinz Ketchup while the rock song “Anticipation” played in the background. Finally, the ketchup flowed onto the waiting cheeseburger.

            The White Stone Ceremony can be like that. If it is that way for you, I encourage you to utilize your white stone this way. The White Stone Ceremony comes from the Book of Revelation where we are promised a white stone with a new name on it. This new name will give us the power to overcome the challenges that we face.

            Many have told me that the White Stone Ceremony means a great deal to them. The word, or name, that has come to them during the service has been just what they have needed to make the next advance on their spiritual journey.

            We will be conducting the White Stone Ceremony at UCOT on Sunday, Jan. 5 as part of the 11 am service. But I would suggest that you NOT be like many televangelists and demand that God speaks to you before every station break. If the “word” or “name” does not come to you during the service, then I suggest that you do the following:

  • Take the white stone home with you. It is after all real stone from the Holy Land.(Also, take the marker, given you in church, home with you too!)
  • Remember the Heinz ketchup commercial, and just anticipate that good things will happen in God’s “good season.”
  • Pray and meditate with the white stone and marker near you.
  • Be patient. (This is a very hard thing for many of us to do!)
  • Have faith that in Divine Order the right “word” or “name” will come to you.
  • Remember that ketchup at last flowing on the hamburger. Trust that it will.

            May this “word” or “name” give you the power and direction to move ahead in these challenging times. Remember that blessings abound!


Happy New Year,